About Us

We’re Tangerine and Brian.  We’re married, and we’ve been swingers for more than a dozen years. We are an outgoing, happy, secure couple, and our swing club, Tangerine’s Dream, is exactly that – a dream of mine (Tangerine) that we made real.  Our club is in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we travel and play all over the U.S. and beyond, and we periodically appear on radio and TV.  Here are some of the highlights.

National & International Events:

We frequently travel to swinger “destination events”, such as conventions, resorts and cruises.  We often lead seminars and act as party hosts at those events.  At one of the huge “Lifestyles” conventions in Las Vegas – at that time, the biggest and best known swinger event , with more than 1,000 couples attending each year – we took first place in the couples costume/performance contest.  Another year, at the fantastic 600 couple swingers convention in New Orleans, we were named King and Queen of the convention.  We also host our own annual event, a boutique 3-day swingers train trip for 35 couples.

Media Appearances:

A few years ago, we were featured on the Women’s Entertainment (WE) network, in a show titled “The Secret Lives of Women Swingers”.  (We had a four-person video crew following us around for two days – it was wild!)  We’ve also been interviewed on various regional radio programs on both coasts.


One of our Tangerine’s Dream swing club parties was featured in the 2010, 256-page coffee table book America Swings by Naomi Harris.  The book is a photographic exploration of swinger events and parties across the US.

We have a wonderful and diverse group of friends who love us, love the lifestyle, and love to party the way only swingers can.  We are very indebted to them for their enthusiasm, assistance and advice over the years.

Why do we do we break our anonymity by appearing on radio and TV?

To help the public learn what swinging and swingers are all about.  We want to show the honest, caring, secure relationships, and the healthy attitudes toward sex, that are typical of lifestyle couples.  We want others to know about the far lower divorce of lifestyle couples, compared to the mainstream. We also want to encourage open, healthy discussion about sex within couples.