MILF Island & MILF Hunters

Event Details



What’s a MILF?
Mother I‘d Love To F
—- Men I‘d Love To F



Hi Everyone!
Are you a MILF….or a MILF Hunter?
If so, this is a party for you!
Dress Hot, Dress to Impress, Un-Dress to Impress!

Party includes:

  • Four sensually lighted play rooms with all the amenities for your intimate pleasure
  • Group play area for your pleasure playing, watching and being watched
  • Heated deck overlooks private back yard and wooded hillside
  • Two Social Areas with music and BYOB bar
  • Full Buffet throughout the party
  • Soda, bottled water & snacks provided

Plenty of parking is available

What should you bring?

  • Bring your own alcohol
  • Be responsible with the amount you drink.
  • No illegal drugs