Ladies Choice – A Tangerine’s Dream Specialty Party

Event Details

What is a Ladies’ Choice Party?

Are you a woman who really likes to play, who wants to play with more than one or two men during a party? Would you like to have 2, 3, 4 or more men at the same party?  Or to be at the center of 2, 3, or 4 men at the same time??  If you’re part of a couple, does your partner want that for you as well? If so, then Ladies’ Choice is for you.  (And if not, then consider our regular Tangerine’s Dream parties.)

This specialty party is designed for women who are comfortable with their sexuality, and who love a full evening of play with a variety of attractive men. We create an atmosphere where women can feel safe and secure in playing for as long and as often as they want. It’s a party where women feel completely in control, and where they have their choice of multiple men to fulfill their fantasies and desires. Our goal is that everyone, women AND men, leave happy, satisfied, and fulfilled.

Please note that this is NOT a party for couples who are new to the lifestyle or ‘just wanting to check it out.’ (Our regular Tangerine’s Dream and Tangerine’s Limited parties are great for that – we get both experienced and new couples.)

Who will enjoy a Ladies’ Choice Party? 

Women who want:
–To play with one man, then another, then another,… OR
–To be the center of 2, 3, 4, or more men at the same time,… OR
–BOTH at various times!

Ladies’ Choice is NOT for: 

–New couples or new single women
–Women looking for F-F play
–Soft Swap couples or Voyeurs

What can you expect?

Livermore Private Residence
High Energy Atmosphere
–up to 15 couples plus up to 3 or 4 single women
–up to 25 of Tangerine’s Dream single male members
–7 pm – 9 pm:  Social connection time, plus a lite Dinner Buffet
–9 pm SHARP:  Play areas open
–9 pm to 1 am: Play  time!
–But take a break & grab a bite to eat whenever you want
–Appetizers, Snacks, Ice, Sodas, Mixers, and cold Water throughout the evening

Although it is not mandatory to play, there is little place to socialize or just hang out
— This is a play play play party for everyone!

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