Hot School Girls & Naughty Boys

Event Details

NDN Ventures, Inc


Saturday, Septermber  12, 2015

• Arrive bet. 8:30 pm & 10:30 pm

• Party until 2 am



Looking for some good, hard study time?  We’ll have our usual 50 – 80 people, so you’ll have lots of study partners from whom to choose (or who can invite you…)

Dress for the night is Hot Preppy!
Or simply Dress to Impress!

How many of these rules WILL YOU BREAK?
* Skirts down to the knee (On paa-lease!)
* Blouses up to the neck  (No way!)
* No high heels  (Are you kidding???  The higher the better!)
* No skin-tight pants  (Unless they easily come off…)
* No kissing in public  (You can’t be serious!)
* 6 inches between every girl and boy  (or 7 or 8…)

Party includes:

  • Four sensually lighted play rooms with all the amenities for your intimate pleasure
  • Group areas for your pleasure in playing, watching or being watched
  • Social areas with music & BYOB bar
  • Large heated deck with hot tub and a panoramic view of Silicon Valley
  • Pool table for regular or “strip” pool
  • Late evening Full Buffet, plus Appetizers and Snacks throughout the party
  • Bottled Water, Soda, & Mixers provided

Bring whatever alcohol you wish, but we expect you to drink in moderation

No illegal drugs

Street parking is available


We look forward to providing a fun, sexy, and exciting night for you!
Tangerine & Brian