Tangerine's Swing Train
Sierra Nevada Mountains

All Trips Cancelled for the foreseeable future

WHY? Please read the explanation below
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We received some disturbing news a few of months ago when we were informed that Amtrak President and CEO Richard Anderson is no longer allowing charter services and special trains to be attached or taken off Amtrak scheduled routes. We waited to see if this decision might be changed or overturned but it hasn’t and it doesn’t look like there is any hope in the near future, especially for our trip to Ventura.

What does this mean? It means the Tangerine’s Dream train trips on the two wonderful private cars to Reno and Ventura are not possible unless or until there is a change in the Amtrak policy for private train cars.

We can’t tell you how upsetting this is to lose this one of a kind train trip for us but for our very special private car owner it really takes away an important part of his life and it also to erode the historic memories of train travel and its importance in the growth of our country.

I’ve copied and pasted some links below to make it easier for you to read about and join us in signing a petition to rescind his decision.

Petition: Please join us!


You can hear and read about it at:

Hugs and Hope to see you at a party or on a trip with us soon,
Tangerine and Brian

Spring 2019
San Francisco Bay Area to Reno, NV and back

Train Parties and Resort Hotel
3-Day Weekend Adventure!

View the spectacular snow-covered Sierra Nevada Mountains from both the Silver Dome car and Tangerine's Lounging car, with play parties throughout Friday’s train ride from Emeryville, CA to Reno, Nevada, and Sunday’s train ride back.

Spend Friday and Saturday nights at the top-rated Atlantis Hotel, and party more in our Hospitality suite both nights.

This is a great Travel and Destination event, and it's a way for you to join the “Mile Long Club” –Tangerine's Dream produces the only swing train events in the country, perhaps in the world!

This boutique event is limited to 35 couples, and we often sell out early.

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