Dream of an atmosphere where music, sensuality and freedom come together. Dream of an atmosphere where you can meet other open-minded, secure adults. Dream of upscale, classy, interesting venues where we create safe, no pressure settings for you to explore your sexual fantasies. Dream of a place where open, honest, healthy relationships are promoted, and where you have the freedom to determine your boundaries.

Our parties ARE…

No pressure, no drama, safe, exciting, and incredibly fun!  If you’re new to swinging and lifestyle swinger parties, they are probably unlike anything you have experienced. If you’ve been to other lifestyle events, we’re sure you’ll like what you see with us.

Our core membership consists of friendly, outgoing lifestyle friends, who enjoy each other’s company, and who love to meet new people, including both ‘newbies’ and experienced swingers.  We host our parties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, in locations which we have carefully and thoughtfully selected for your erotic pleasure.

Our parties are NOT…

Cliquish, snobby, cheesy, aggressive, boring, or ordinary.

We have a couple-centric attitude.

Rather than a “female-centric” attitude, we promote a  “couple-centric” attitude.  We encourage couples to talk, talk, talk — before, during, and after a party.  We believe that each couple should decide what is best for their relationship, and we provide an atmosphere of mutual respect, in which everyone should receive enjoyment and satisfaction from the activities in which they choose to participate.

Honest, open discussion between partners can make the lifestyle more than just exciting and fun parties; it helps to strengthen a couple’s bond and bring the couple closer together.  This is one of the reasons that lifestyle couples have a much lower divorce rate than the general public.

Single Men and Women:

We also want single men and women to feel comfortable, and to understand that couple-centric means conversing with and respecting BOTH partners in a couple.

We look for relaxed, fun, friendly people. We particularly look for men and women who are not pushy, who are not competitive with other guests, and who would not be said to have “attitude”.

Want to experience this for yourself?

If you have an open mind and a positive attitude towards sex, if you want to meet and develop friendships with people in the lifestyle, then we invite you to visit our “Become a Member” page and submit our short membership application, so we can get to know a bit about you.

Welcome to Tangerine’s Dream!